Friday, February 4, 2011

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical Properties
Polyester in its original form.
  • The weight of polyester is 1.22-1.38 g/cm3
  •  It is able to hold forms very well, allowing more things to be made from polyester.
  •  It can be wet or dry and still remain strong and it dries very quickly. 
  • Very resistant to stretching and wrinkling. That is why it is widely used in manufacturing clothing.
  •  Polyester is very resistant to shrinking
  • Resistant to abrasion (which means to wear something out by rubbing away or by friction, and by mildew which is a form of fungi)
  •  Colorless
  •  Transparent ( reason for most water bottles are colorless and transparent being made form polyester.)
Manufacturers love using polyester as it is
resistant to stretching and wrinkling. Freemder, F.A. (Photographer). (2010).
Chemical Properties
  • When burned, polyester gives off a strong odour. 
  • The molten residue can cause many harmful burns when it comes in contact with human skin. 
  • Polyester melts at a temperature of 249-288° C